The PG Group Team

The PG Group has a growing team with a wealth and depth of expertise, all of whom are always committed to working hard on our clients’ behalf and to maintain our reputation. We focus on building relationships with people and organisations of all kinds, and play a pivotal role in diagnosing problems, identifying needs, and advising on the most appropriate solution.

Meet The Directors

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Fr Gregory Grant | Chairman

Founder and chairman of the company, Fr Greg is also a full time priest. He works hard to keep the company moving forward and is responsible for the original vision of the PG Group.

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Stuart Gaiger | Director

Stuart has been with the company  almost from the beginning. He is responsible for new sites and managing several current projects. | Connect

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Fiona Bradley | Financial Director

Fiona is our director of finance and deals with all things money related. she also plays an integral role in the day to day running of the business. 

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Paul Gaiger| Director

Paul has been with company since 2008 and has played an important role in keeping the business up to date with industry standards and practices.