The four directors of The PG Group meet each day at Number One Bristol, the head office of the business. Over the years, the PG Group has built excellent relationships with a wide range of professionals who contribute to the success of a project. Bankers, financiers, investors, contractors. architects and project managers are some of the many experts in their field the PG Group brings together to ensure the delivery of a project is on time and on budget. Together the team deliver the quality, and often complex projects now associated with the reputation of The PG Group.

The philosophy of the PG Group centres on providing a high quality service and product, to satisfy not only the client’s requirements but to enhance the environment and benefit the wider community. The buildings produced are a testament to the Groups’ aims and ambitions. We operate in a friendly, hard working and highly professional environment where company employees may be involved in all aspects of the business. Staff are encouraged to take a positive and flexible approach to the work in hand utilising their entire range of talents in helping to bring to fruition the various company projects undertaken.

The team operates from attractive offices within our recent development, Number One Bristol, a mixed use residential/office conversion located in the heart of Bristol’s City Centre. Central to the vision of the Directors has been the establishment of The Grant Bradley Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No 1093331). The Charity’s aims are to promote Christianity, provide housing for the elderly and relief for the poor throughout the world. A large proportion of the profits generated by the Group are donated to the Trust.

Who We Work With


We work closely with a number of investors and have a proven track record of maximising returns on projects. We are experts at managing the risks involved with all sizes of ventures and know how we can keep our investors happy to work with us. There’s a reason that so many of our clients are repeat investors.


We work with a range of contractors and subcontractors in order to provide the highest quality of finish and to ensure a project goes smoothly from start to finish. All of our contractors are passionate about getting the best possible results and the highest quality work done on time and within budget.


We only work with agents who are knowledgeable and approachable to ensure a positive experience for all our purchasers. We know that a professional approach to the sales process is hugely important to all of our clients.